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Podiatry Treatments That Ease Aches and Pains

Individuals with MSK (musculoskeletal) problems often complain of aches and pains in different parts of their body. At Podiatry Solutions, our skilled podiatrists provide expert care, including orthotics.

Podiatry assessments and treatments

Assessments and treatments are offered to:

  • Anyone with a lower limb problem
  • Those with sports injuries -  both preventative and symptomatic treatments are offered

Overview of Assessments and Treatments Offered

Gait Analysis – An assessment of the walking and running cycle. This is done using pressure plates and a hands-on assessment of the range of motion within the lower limbs.

Semi-Bespoke Orthotics – Medical insoles called orthotics are prescribed to help address MSK problems. Gone are the days when patients have to get plaster casts taken of their feet! Podiatric medical research now recognises that the foot is a dynamic lever. Advances in semi-bespoke orthotic manufacture allow for better treatment outcomes, since greater movement in the lower limbs can be achieved.

Lifestyle, Sport and Work – Considerations to all factors are given when addressing issues and prescribing orthotics. Treatment interventions typically include the prescription of orthotics, however other interventions such as footwear advice, mobilisation techniques or stretching exercises may also be given.


Our treatment fees are as follows:

Initial MSK consultation, including digital gait analysis

£45 - £52

Initial orthoses including fitting appointment

Various Prices

Additional pairs of orthotics£80

Follow up consultation: mobilisation, EST or fascial taping

£25 - £65

Contact & Appointments

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