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Flying Feet is a branch of Podiatry Solutions. Offered on an international level, Flying Feet specializes in occupational aviation and corporate podiatry. It is the only service of its kind. 

Specialists in aviation and corporate podiatry

Due to the nature of their role, air crews experience added strains on their musculoskeletal system. Often such individuals are more susceptible to injury. Orthotics are often prescribed to help improve lower limb function and reduce the risk of injury. Because traditional orthotics, made out of harder plastics, do not fit easily into corporate footware, Flying Feet orthotics are made out of materials that compress. They therefore fit easily into any style of shoe. Corporate staff also benefit from wearing Flying Feet orthotics. 

Having previously been the world’s first aviation podiatrist with Emirates Airline™, our director, Margaret Grace, has an in-depth knowledge of aviation and corporate needs. This includes an understanding of uniform requirements and the changes that occur within the human physiology at over 10,000 ft altitude. Margaret played a crucial role with Emirates Airline for over 5 years  - she was a leading force in setting up the aviation podiatry clinic from scratch.

The Aims of Flying Feet

Flying Feet aims to provide podiatric services to aviation and corporate industries who have specific requirements within their company. Orthotics prescribed (and provided in start-up packs) fit easily into uniform shoes and are designed to allow greater movement of the dynamic foot around the sub-talar axis. This is in line with leading research carried out by Dr Kevin Kirby (US) and other leading podiatric researchers.

Besides delivering podiatric treatments within aviation and corporate settings, Flying Feet is also able to assist organisations in setting up an MSK, general practice, or diabetic podiatry service within their establishment. 

Airfield and other workers who are required to wear PPE often experience lower limb issues associated with the wearing of safety shoes. Podiatrists at Flying Feet are able to offer practical advice with regard to safety shoe styles, features, lining and other related issues.


  • Initial data collection - general employees, occupational health, air crew etc. 
  • Equipment sourcing including orthotic suppliers 
  • Orthotic start-up packs
  • Interview assessments
  • Continued support via e-mail and frequent visits 
  • Webinar meetings 
  • Training seminars 
  • PPE safety shoe advice

Service is provided within an aviation or corporate setting worldwide. Margaret will typically visit a client for one week at a time. (This can vary, subject to requirements and availability).

Corporate and aviation fees vary depending on the services required. Please contact us for further information.

Director Margaret Grace is a member of the Aerospace Medical Association, the Association of Aviation Medical Examiners and the Airlines Medical Directors Association. She has presented aviation podiatry concepts to other members of the aeromedical population.