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Yes, my

orthotics are still working well, except when I was on holiday and reverted to
my "Jesus" sandals. After a week of wearing them I got a well painful
inflamed joint on my big left toe. (where bunions would be) My good wife diagnosed
gout due to the excess cheese and wine I was consuming (as if!) I think it was
more to do with the sandals and no orthotics so reverted back to trianers and
it all got better within a few days. So, orthotics really work!

AF July


& Friendly 5 Star Service!”

I have
chronic insertional achilles tendonitis. Went to a few different businesses
over the years but feel I have finally found someone who completely understands
my problem. I got custom orthotics and felt the difference almost
immediately. Mags immediately put me at ease and is so friendly. I cant
recommend this business enough!

MM May