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Case study

Following a lower limb industrial injury, a senior purser was signed off sick for 12 weeks. Repeated consultations with the airline doctor had not seen any improvement. At her last appointment, the doctor had signed the crew member off sick for a further 4 weeks.

Rostering implications, medical expenses and payment for sick leave were costing the airline US$1,500 per week (in this case US$18,000). Airline policy was such that specialist advice must be sought after 12 weeks’ sick leave, so the patient was referred to Flying Feet UK.

To deal with the injury properly and to prevent it happening again, Flying Feet UK’s senior aviation podiatrist ensured that both the underlying cause of injury and immediate symptoms were treated.

The patient had mechanical (joint, muscle & soft tissue) problems which were made much worse by her uniform footwear. All problems were identified and solutions, including short term pain relief, were put in place.

After 10 days, all symptoms had disappeared and did not reoccur. Shortly afterwards, the cabin crew member safely and comfortably returned to full flying duties.

For the airline, the benefits using of Flying Feet UK were:

⦁ Their crew member returned to full duties just 14 days after consultation with Flying Feet UK
⦁ Substantial cost savings – no further sick pay, no medical costs, no overtime to cover rostering implications
⦁ Reduction of likelihood of a future industrial injury claim
⦁ Reduced likelihood of re-occurrence of symptoms through addressing underlying cause and footwear issues

Detailed medical case studies are available for qualified health care practitioners. Please contact us to obtain them.


Research and Development

The company prides itself at embracing R&D and using research to influence orthotic (medical insole) production and provision. Orthotics used and recommended by Flying Feet UK are able to fit easier into footwear and can therefore be tolerated better by airline staff. Collaborations with the University of the West of Scotland have enabled the company to carry out research and obtain evidence that further supports the efficiency of the orthotics used.


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